Badger Hair

Our badger hair shaving brushes are made by two family-owned companies that specialize in high-end grooming products and employ craftsmen who take inestimable pride in their work: Boker, from Solingen, Germany; and Edwin Jagger, from Sheffield, England.

Only three gradations of badger hairs are used in our brushes: Best, Super, and Silvertip. Best are the most affordable quality of badger hairs we stock. They're still considered excellent. Super are finer and softer. Silvertip are themost luxurious, plushest, softest and finest hairs.

A well-cared for brush (see our guide on shaving brushes for more) will last for many, many years, and the initial investment repays itself many times over not only economically, but also in pure satisfaction and a superior shave.

An apology to our international clients—we only ship our badger shaving brushes within the US. See our FAQ for more information. Synthetic brushes ship worldwide.