Merkur 38 Heavy Duty Long Handle Safety Razor, Barber Pole, Straight Bar, Chrome

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  • Heavy, sturdy build
  • Solid brass
  • Chrome finish
  • Extra-long, knurled handle

Merkur, a division of  Dovo , has been proudly forging double-edge safety razors since 1906 in Solingen, renowned worldwide for its legendary metalsmithing.

This heavy-duty German precision-engineered razor makes starting the day a real pleasure. Although the long handle is suitable for everyone, those of us with especially formidable hands will appreciate the extra range.

No need to pull, only guide—gravity and the heft of the razor will do the bulk of the work for you.

The two-part head opens by means of a screw, allowing easy replacement of the razor.

Weight: 4 ounces

Length: 4 inches

Made in Germany

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