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Straight Razor Kits & Gift Sets - Craftsmanship and Elegance

Straight Razor Kit

Shopping for a straight razor kit? Here is the deal: shaving with a traditional sharp straight-edge razor delivers the closest shave you will ever have, and it will make your face look great. Look great, feel great. Our straight razor shaving kit for men has everything you need to start wet shaving and include:

  1. Shave Ready Straight Razor
  2. Leather Strop
  3. Sharpening Paste
  4. Shaving Soap
  5. Shaving Brush

* Our straight razor shaving kits come in a beautiful pine wood box made for gifting, or if you would instead create a custom straight razor kit, express yourself.

Why Buy Straight Razor Shaving Kit

Our kits make great gifts for men and allow straight razor beginners to get into wet shaving without breaking the bank. We have hand-curated the best of the best collection of expertly curated straight razor kits for the beginner to wet shaving aficionado.

Best Straight Razor Kit for Beginners

Choosing a straight razor kit from GrownManShave.com means investing in quality, education, and a supportive community dedicated to the art of traditional shaving.

Solomon Straight razor kit

The Naked Armor Armor straight razor kits are designed to provide a seamless transition into traditional shaving without breaking the bank. We recommend starting with the Solomon straight razor kit or any other 7/8 blade with a round point (allowing for the most accessible entry into the wet shaving experience.

Straight Razor Kit FAQ

What to consider when buying straight razor kit?

The star of the straight razor kit is the straight razor, make sure the kit has a worthy traditional straight razor. Next you need a leather strop and strop paste to keep your blade sharp. Next a shaving brush and shaving soap are great companions to your kit. A straight razor stand and mug are also great items to include.

Happy for a smother shave. Learning to shave with a sharp edge straight razor takes some practice but once you get the hang of it your will be glowing with pride and handsomeness. We have plenty of resources to help lean how to use a straight razor kit.

There are many options and price ranges for straight razor kits. The most important recommendation we have is not to buy a cheap straight razor kit. We don't recommend any straight razor kits under $100—you really can't find a better quality kit than the Naked Armor armor kits. If you are ready to spend more money the Thiers Issard kits are amazing.

Learn to use Your Straight Razor Kit

Our straight razor guide has a ton of useful information on buying your first straight razor. We recommend getting to know the different straight razor models before picking your first straight razor.

it goes without saying you have to have a sharp straight razor before you put a blade to your skin.  Nothing delivers a closer, smoother, and longer-lasting shave other than straight razor shaving! Having a laser sharp straight razor is critical, read this article to learn how to keep your straight razor sharp.

The basic anatomy of a straight razor isn't that complicated either: Straight razors consist of two main parts including the straight razor handle and the blade Or cutting edge. However, those parts include a number of smaller sub-components and each contributes to its utility and the anatomy of a straight razor.

Naked armor solomon straight razor kit