Boker Arbolito Straight Razor

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  • Carbon steel
  • Resin, moisture-resistant handle
  • Solingen German government seal
  • Hand-embellished
  • Hollow grind
  • Spanish point
  • 5/8" blade

Every single straight razor that Boker has manufactured since 1869 in Solingen is made with meticulous care to everything: from the choice of steel, machining, hand-honing, and selection of superb materials... Boker is delightfully uncompromising in a world that is constantly cutting corners. 

Boker's Arbolito straight razor, with the German government official Solingen seal stamped on the tang, is built to last for generations. It's a work of art. Images do not do it justice. We could write poetry about it. Having it in the hand is like holding a piece of history.

Seriously. Sometimes we'll just stop what we're doing and stare at it.

Comes with: sheath; unique serial number; certificate of authenticity.

Made in Germany

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