Boker Golden Reuzel Razor Axe Special Edition Ebony Round Point 6/8" Carbon Steel Straight Razor

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  • Carbon steel
  • 24 carat gold
  • Ebony handle
  • Solingen German government seal
  • Hollow grind
  • 6/8" blade
  • Round Point

If you are part of the scene, you definitely know them. In magazine photos or as big heads at the barber ship, Leen and Bertus are everywhere. Moreover, their two posters of "Signature Haircuts" and "Barbershop Classics" serve as inspiration and orientation for barbers around the world. And then there is Reuzel, of course, "the finest Dutch pomade". The typical vintage tins with the brand's rustic hog are unique and unmistakable.

All of that success had very humble beginnings - a barber shop named "Schorem" on Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam that still exists unchanged. "Schorem" means riffraff, while "Reuzel” simply means pork drippings. The names offer a glimpse into Leen's and Bertus' kind of humor and their relaxed approach to business matters. When they started renovating their store, nobody knew that it would turn into a barber shop. The windows were still covered in paper, but they had already put up a sign saying "Men, dogs - no women". Of course, they were the talk of the town even before the opening.

Two weeks after they opened, wait times had gone up to five hours. Some days, customers are queuing up at 6 a.m. - Schorem opens at 10 a.m.! Still, the shop operates without appointments, which is clearly part of the experience. You swap stories, drink beer or the best coffee in the city while you wait for your cut.

Right from the start, Leen and Bertus were not stingy with their expertise. Their tutorials for classic men's haircuts can be found on YouTube. When the demand for professional education kept increasing, the duo went to the other side of the street from Schorem to open the Old School Barber Academy.

Leen and Bertus are not the only eye catchers their limited-edition special model is, too. The 6/8" blade with two chamfers on the spine shines with a plating of 24-carat gold. The gold plating does not just create visual appeal but also offers barber-friendly corrosion protection for the non-stainless carbon steel. The handle made of exclusive ebony creates a pleasant contrast to the blade and brass rivets. The handle is finished with the well-known name of REUZEL in delicate script. Comes with historic packaging, certificate of authenticity and individual serial number.

Made in Germany

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Type: Straight Razor

Manufacturer: Boker

SKU: 140542