Boker Accompanying Set For Straight Razor

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If you already have a straight razor or are looking to buy a gift for someone with one, you're in the right place. Made by Boker of Solingen—and bearing the German government's seal of authenticity to prove it—this set includes everything you need to accompany a straight razor: shaving brush, strop, stand, and aloe vera shaving soap.

Boker Synthetic Silvertip Fiber Resin Shaving Brush

The handle is expertly crafted from highly durable resin . Synthetic fibers to match the quality of the fabled Silvertip Badger hairsconsidered the softest and best fibers for the purpose of shaving—are fitted inside. Great grip. Whips up a nice, even and rich lather.

Boker Leather Strop

Smooth Russian leather strop to keep your straight razor as keen as can be.

Boker Razor and Brush Stand

Beautifully polished stand that accommodates both razor and brush, allowing them to dry fully between shaves.

Boker Aloe Vera Shaving Soap

Shaving soap that lathers luxuriously and is infused with the curative goodness of aloe vera. Suitable for sensitive skin. Comes in ivory porcelain jar with lid.


Carefully crafted in Solingen, Germany, by Boker, founded 1869.

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