Boker Silver Steel Tortoise Handle Straight Razor

  • Carbon steel
  • Resin, moisture-resistant, tortoise-patterned handle
  • Solingen German government seal
  • Extra Hollow grind
  • 6/8" blade

Every single straight razor that Boker has manufactured since 1869 in Solingen is made with meticulous care to everything: from the choice of steel, machining, hand-honing, and selection of superb materials... Boker is delightfully uncompromising in a world that is constantly cutting corners. 

The tortoise-patterned handle of this Boker straight edge gives it a nostalgic feel like you're fortunate enough to be holding a priceless, century-old relic that has been immaculately preserved.

"Silver Steel" is etched in the blade as a reminder of the days when silver was alloyed with the steel.

With the blade being extra hollow ground, there's a wonderful lightness to its use. The resulting edge is so thin and yet so solid that we might just try cutting light with it one day.

Comes with: historical packaging; certificate of authenticity.

Unique serial number

Made in Germany

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