Boker Waldorf Straight Razor

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  • Carbon steel
  • Resin, moisture-resistant black handle
  • Solingen German government seal
  • Hollow grind
  • 5/8" blade

Every single straight razor that Boker has manufactured since 1869 in Solingen is made with meticulous care to everything: from the choice of steel, machining, hand-honing, and selection of superb materials... Boker is delightfully uncompromising in a world that is constantly cutting corners. 

"Waldorf" is laser engraved on the blade of this masterful creation and then inlaid with gold. The German government's official Solingen seal is stamped on the tang.

The hot-forged carbon steel will take the keenest of edges.

Comes with: traditional packaging; certificate of authenticity.

Made in Germany

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