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International Double Edge Safety Razor Blade Sampler Pack (9 Pack)

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Travel the world every day while you shave. Our hand-selected International double edge razor sample pack is the best of the best from around the world. Sputnik from Russia, Tiger from the Czech Republic, Bic Chrome Platinum from Greece, Feather Hi-Stainless from Japan, Muhle Stainless Steel from Germany, Derby Extra Green Stainless Steel from Turkey, Bolzano Superinox from Egypt, Gillette Perma-Sharp from India, Big Ben from Egypt, Super Stainless from Egypt.

60 Pieces in total 10% Savings

  • Sputnik From Russia (5)
  • Tiger Platinum From the Czech Republic (5)
  • BIC Chrome Platinum From Greece (5)
  • Feather New Hi-Stainless From Japan (10)
  • Muhle Stainless Steel From Germany (10)
  • Derby Extra Blue Stainless Steel From Turkey (10)
  • Bolzano Superinox From Egypt (5)
  • Gillette Perma-Sharp From India (5)
  • Big Ben Super Stainless From Egypt (5)

    Sputnik From Russia-Try as we might to avoid the space puns with this one – it just can’t be done. This safety razor is out of this world. Named after the USSR’s ‘fellow traveler’, the first artificial Earth satellite, this razor blade too was created to push the boundaries of technology. Sputnik gives you an incredibly close shave, so new wet shavers might want to try out something a little less sharp. However, once you are used to shaving with razor blades, there can be nothing better than the Sputnik.

    Tiger Platinum From the Czech Republic- Despite the name, there won’t be any mauling to your skin with the Tiger platinum premium stainless steel razor blades. Far from being striped like a tiger, this blade is among one of the most enjoyable wet shaving experiences you will have.  Similar to Astra blades, extremely smooth, medium sharpness, great for all hair types and skin types, and extremely well rounded. The Tiger premium double-edged razor blades are made with premium stainless steel for rust resistance and coated with platinum for extra glide, edge retention, and durability the Tiger double edge razor blade is truly one of the most resilient blades you can buy.

    BIC Chrome Platinum From Greece- While BIC is more well-known for its writing tools, Bic’s chrome platinum double edge razor blades are no less sharp when it comes to attention to detail. These Greek-produced blades benefit from the thousands of years of forging and metalworking traditions of the region, producing a blade that is made from a combination of polymer, chrome platinum, and Teflon for enhanced strength, power, and longevity and a well rounded comfortable smooth and close shave. BIC's double-edged razor blades are known for their sharpness and their efficacy on coarse hair and lean to the medium to the aggressive side of sharpness and fit any standard double edge safety razor.

    Feather New Hi-Stainless From Japan- The Feather New High stainless double edge razor blades hail from the ancient forges tucked away in cedar-covered valleys of the Chubu region, Japan the same region that now produces feather blades. Platinum coated for extra glide these De blades are known for legendary sharpness and exquisite edge retention akin to the samurai sword and built for those who know how to wield the sword. Amongst the sharpest and most aggressive razor blades in the world, we wouldn’t be surprised if this blade could slice through a beam of sunlight. Using a feather blade requires care, skill, and experience to get right without inflicting harm on oneself. Each blade is individually wrapped blades and the packaging contains a built-in used blade slot for proper disposal.

    Muhle Stainless Steel From Germany- The Muhle stainless steel double edge razor blade is an extraordinary example of premium German quality. Offering a smooth and comfortable shave with no nicks, drag, or razor burn, perfect for wet shaving enthusiasts and for the beginner. Hand Crafted by Muhle one of the world's best-wet shaving product producers operated by three family generations obsessed with precision and high-quality grooming products and attention to detail. The Muhle stainless steel De razor blade pairs well with Muhle safety razors or any traditional double edge safety razor and comes individually wrapped.

    Derby Extra Blue Stainless Steel From Turkey- The ‘extra’ in Derby Extra blue double edge razor blades must stand for ‘extra soft’. While some De blades trade on having a super-sharp, cut-your-face-just-by-looking-at-it, Wolverine-claw-level sharpness, the trade-off is sometimes the cut can be a little too good. The Derby Extra Blue razor is less about sharpness, and more focused on keeping the skin underneath in fine condition, so it is great for sensitive skin types. The stainless-steel composition will also hold up to the hardest of water and will be mightily resistant to rusting.

    Bolzano Superinox From Egypt- The Bolzano’s Superinox stainless double-edge razor blades are well known in the wet shaving community for being flexible, mild, and balanced. For those of you not fluent in Italian, ‘Inossidabile’ means ‘stainless’ ironically these Italian named De blades are made by Lord out of Alexandria Egypt, one of the world's oldest and most appreciated premium razor blade manufacturers for over 90 years. Bolzano Superinox "Inossidabile" delivers a buttery smooth shave at an unbelievable price point with enhanced durability and resilience and fits any standard double edge safety razor. As a professional courtesy, we remind you to dispose of and recycle your blades properly with a blade bank.

    Gillette Perma-Sharp From India- With the Perma-Sharp super stainless double edge razor blade, you can feel the care, passion, and craftsmanship that has gone into each blade. Perma-Sharp, being a brand of the world’s most famous safety razor company, benefits from Gillette’s 120-year history of crafting the gold standard of razor blades in America and around the world.  However, unlike the razors of old, this stainless-steel double-edged razor blade has been refined over the years to give your face the smoothest shave possible while maintaining a sharp blade that lasts longer than other double-edge razors. Be warned – these blades are incredibly sharp and aggressive and tailor-made for experienced wet shavers looking for a close, efficient shave. 

    Big Ben Super Stainless From Egypt- Big Ben Super Stainless steel double edge razor blades don't tell time however they deliver an exceptionally smooth and close shave-like clockwork. Built for longevity with super chrome and polymer-coated these De blades tick all the checkboxes wet shavers are looking for in a razor blade. Premium quality and exquisite shaving experience at an affordable price – that’s what you’ll get with Big Ben’s Super Stainless razors. These double-edged razor blades fit any standard traditional double edge safety razor and come individually wrapped.

    Blade Type: Double Edge
    Blade Coating: Various
    Blades per Pack: 5-10
    Origin: Planet Earth

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