Merkur 570 Progress Adjustable Safety Razor In Plastic Case

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  • Adjustable "aggressiveness" setting
  • Chrome-plated
  • Fit-for-travel

Merkur, a division of Dovo, has been proudly forging double-edge safety razors since 1906 in Solingen, renowned worldwide for its legendary metalsmithing.

Despite its smaller form factor—and the wonderful portability that comes with it—the Merkur Progress is just as functional and impressively engineered as its larger siblings.

Fully adjustable, if you're a daily shaver and just want to touch up, or if your facial forest is relatively sparse, go ahead and dial it down. If you haven't shaved in a while, or are in possession of a mighty overabundance of whiskers, crank it up. But beware, this razor is like a faithful canine—it will bite on command.

Comes in a sturdy travel-ready plastic case and a complimentary pack of 10 Merkur Super Platinum blades.

Handle Length: 3 inches

Made in Germany

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