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Mild Double Edge Safety Razor Blade Sampler Pack (8 Pack)

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Our expertly curated Mild double edge razor blade sample pack is perfect for those with sensitive skin or shaving sensitive areas. Get a close smooth and comfortable shave for any beginner or for those with aggressive safety razors with large blade gaps. 

45 Pieces in total 10% Savings

  • Shark Super Chrome (5)
  • Gillette 7'oclock Super Platinum¬†(5)
  • Merkur Super Platinum Coated (5)
  • BIC Chrome Platinum¬†(5)
  • Derby Extra Blue Super Stainless¬†(10)
  • Gillette Silver Blue¬†(5)
  • Tiger Superior Premium Stainless (5)
  • Big Ben Super Stainless (5)

    Shark Super Chrome- The Shark super chrome double edge razor blade offers a wonderful smooth magnificent and comfortable shaving experience with extra longevity and effortless glide from the additional chrome coating. Each razor should deliver about 4 to 5 shaves depending on your facial hair type. The Shark super chrome razor blades are a milder blade perfect for beginners to wet shaving looking to eliminate nicks, cuts, and scrapes and for those sensitive to your skin or shaving sensitive areas.

    Gillette 7'oclock Black Super Platinum- Gillette 7'oclock Black super platinum double edge razor blades are a medium to mild blade, extremely smooth, and offer an excellent well rounded consistently close shave with great edge retention. Platinum coated for extra glide, durability, and longevity the Gillette 7 O'clock is praised for the buttery smooth shave it delivers. While it may not be the sharpest out there and edge retention degrades with coarse thick facial hair this De razor blade is an excellent choice for beginners to wet shaving or for daily wet shavers and for those with sensitive skin.

    Merkur Super Platinum Coated-Merkur super platinum double edge razor blades are manufactured by Dovo in Solingen Germany world-renowned for their steel and precision-designed double edge safety razors and shaving products Merkur super platinum De blades merges their offering for wet shaving enthusiasts with the same devotion to German manufacturing tolerances in their Super Platinum coated blade. One of the sharpest and longest-lasting double edge blades equipped to give a comfortable, close, smooth shave, this razor blade won’t soon lose its edge due to the platinum coating overlaying the stainless-steel blade. Designed to be a great starter blade for the beginner of traditional wet shaving and works well in shearing down soft facial hair with typical German efficiency. Individually wrapped in boxes of 10 blades. 

    BIC Chrome Platinum- While BIC is more well-known for its writing tools, Bic’s chrome platinum double edge razor blades are no less sharp when it comes to attention to detail. These Greek-produced blades benefit from the thousands of years of forging and metalworking traditions of the region, producing a blade that is made from a combination of polymer, chrome platinum, and Teflon for enhanced strength, power, and longevity and a well rounded comfortable smooth and close shave. BIC's double-edged razor blades are known for their sharpness and their efficacy on coarse hair and lean to the medium to the aggressive side of sharpness and fit any standard double edge safety razor.

    Derby Extra Blue Super Stainless-¬†The ‚Äėextra‚Äô in Derby Extra blue double edge razor blades must stand for ‚Äėextra soft‚Äô. While some De blades trade on having a super-sharp, cut-your-face-just-by-looking-at-it, Wolverine-claw-level sharpness, the trade-off is sometimes the cut can be a little¬†too¬†good. The Derby Extra Blue razor is less about sharpness, and more focused on keeping the skin underneath in fine condition, so it is great for sensitive skin types. The stainless-steel composition will also hold up to the hardest of water and will be mightily resistant to rusting.

    Gillette Silver Blue- Like a slate-grey sunrise, the Gillette silver blue double edge razor blade 5 pack is a no-nonsense way to start your day. We‚Äôre not going to pull punches with this one ‚Äď the Gillette Silver Blue may look simple, but its simplicity misrepresents what a great balanced shave this razor blade has to offer. One of the toughest De razor blades out there the Gillette silver blue razor blade is built for durability and longevity,¬†extremely sharp, designed to make short work of tough, coarse facial hair, so if you need a little extra grunt with your safety razor, look no further.

    Tiger Superior Premium Stainless-¬†Like the true king of the jungle, the Tiger superior premium stainless steel double edge razor blade will show you its stripes right after the first shave.¬†This is an excellent middle-of-the-road blade ‚Äď neither aggressive nor excessively mild, designed to be the best of both worlds.¬†A lesser-known name brand, the Tiger premium razor blade is produced in the beautiful central European country of Czechia. Just like that land, rich in unseen natural beauty and often overlooked by travelers, the Tiger Superior Premium is a lesser-known but no less delightful blade for any type of wet shavers.

    Big Ben Super Stainless-¬†Big Ben Super Stainless steel double edge razor blades don't tell time however they deliver an exceptionally smooth and close shave-like clockwork. Built for longevity with super chrome and polymer-coated¬†these De blades tick all the checkboxes wet shavers are looking for in a razor blade. Premium quality and exquisite shaving experience at an¬†affordable price ‚Äď that‚Äôs what you‚Äôll get with Big Ben‚Äôs Super Stainless razors. These double-edged razor blades fit any standard traditional double edge safety razor and come individually wrapped.

    Blade Type: Double Edge
    Blade Coating: Various
    Blades per Pack: 5-10
    Origin: Planet Earth

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