Premium Razor Pack

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All the blades available on Grown Man Shave are good. But different wet shavers swear by different blades, usually arriving at their favorite by trial and error. We've put together a premium pack containing eight different kinds of blades for those of us starting out on the epic journey of traditional shaving. Try them all and find your one and only.


  • Merkur Super Stainless — 10 blades
  • Feather New Hi Stainless — 10 blades
  • Feather Hi Stainless — 5 blades
  • Bic Chrome Platinum — 5 blades
  • Derby Extra — 5 blades
  • Astra Platinum Green — 5 blades
  • Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow — 5 blades
  • Gillette Silver Blue — 5 blades
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Manufacturer: Grown Man Shave