The Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Set - OLD

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Chatsworth is Edwin Jagger's top-of-the-line range of traditional men's grooming implements and products. All handmade in Sheffield, the city that gave birth to stainless steel, by expert craftsmen. From the stand, shaving brush and razor, to the oil, shaving soap and styptic pencil, this is all you need to start your own marvelously satisfying shaving ritual.

Edwin Jagger Double Wire Stand For Razor, Brush And Shaving Soap Bowl

A solid brass, chrome-plated and gorgeously polished stand for the shaving brush and razor that comes with a stainless steel shaving bowl. The weighted base ensures no one gets any funny ideas about leaving in the dead of night.

Overall height: 5 inches; opening: 7/16 inches; Maximum razor drop: 4.13 inches
Brush ring diameter: 1 1/16 inches; Brush ring opening: 1 inches 

Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Imitation Ebony Double Edge Safety Razor

The collar of this safety razor is chrome-plated and polished, and the faux ebony handle is contoured for a great grip. The razor has a reassuring heft, with a low center of gravity. Comes packaged in a solid magnetic closing box that is fit for travel. Includes a complimentary 5 pack of Feather Hi-Stainless Japanese blades.

Weighs 2.12 ounces and is 4.4 inches long

Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Imitation Ebony Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

    Silvertip badger hairs—the absolute highest grade of badger hairs, known for their splendid softness—are hand-fitted into the sturdy faux-ebony handle. This is a fine-looking brush that not only whips up luxurious lather but will accompany you every morning for years and years to come.

    Overall Height: 3.9 inches; Handle Height: 1.8 inches
    Handle Diameter: 1.3 inches; Knot Size: 0.9 inches

    Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Shaving Soap Refill 2.3 Ounces

      A long-lasting solid shaving soap—or puck—refill by. Fits snugly into a shaving bowl. Infused with healing plant extracts and essential oils of sandalwood. Foams up delightfully and luxuriously, nourishing your skin even as it lifts and softens bristles in preparation for a butter-smooth razor glide. Specially concentrated and intended for normal skin. Natural and free of parabens.

      D.R. Harris Almond Oil 3.4 Fluid Oz

      Almond oil is naturally hypoallergenic. Use it as a pre-shave oil to soften whispers and also after you shave. Filled to the brim with the goodness of nature, it'll nourish your skin, improve your complexion, and strengthen your hair.

      Edwin Jagger Styptic Pencil 0.39 ounces
      A magical little stick that stymies the flow of blood and soothes your skin if you get nicked. Antiseptic.


      All Edwin Jagger and D.R. Harris products are proudly produced in England.

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