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Beginner Double Edge Safety Razor Blade Sampler Pack (7 Pack)

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Our expertly curated double edge razor blade sample pack is carefully selected for the beginner wet shaver or for those with sensitive skin searching for a comfortable close shave. These razor blades are a little softer and can help prevent razor burn, nicks, and cuts, ingrown hairs while giving you the closest shave of your life.

50 Pieces in total 10% Savings

  • Gillette Silver Blue (5)
  • Astra Blue Super Stainless (5)
  • Personna Platinum (10)
  • Feather New Hi-Stainless (10)
  • Derby Extra Blue Super Stainless (10)
  • Wilkinson Sword Teflon Coated (5)
  • Shark Super Chrome (5)

    Gillette Silver Blue-¬†Like a slate-grey sunrise, the Gillette silver blue double edge razor blade 5 pack is a no-nonsense way to start your day. We‚Äôre not going to pull punches with this one ‚Äď the Gillette Silver Blue may look simple, but its simplicity misrepresents what a great balanced shave this razor blade has to offer. One of the toughest De razor blades out there the Gillette silver blue razor blade is built for durability and longevity,¬†extremely sharp, designed to make short work of tough, coarse facial hair, so if you need a little extra grunt with your safety razor, look no further.

    Astra Blue Super Stainless- The Astra 'Blue' Superior stainless steel double edge razors blades are manufactured in Czechia for Gillette, known for their exceptional smoothness, laser sharpness and longevity, and closeness of shave. One of the most favored razors blade by wet shaving enthusiasts in terms of affordability, swiftness, and closeness.

    Both wet shavers and barbers rave about the shaveability, closeness, and buttery smooth shave this blade offers. The Astra blue stainless steel razors are in no way a mild blade, manufactured to high-quality tolerances and built for efficiency and durability, and are compatible with all standard double edge safety razors. The Astra 'Blue' Superior stainless double edge razor blade is comparable to a British cold war spy, capable, targeted, efficient, and as mysterious and as tense as the Cold War itself ‚Äď a story shrouded in mystery and buried deep behind the Iron Curtain.¬†

    Personna Platinum- If you’re the type of person who just can’t tell from a few razor blades if it's the right one for you, then the more reasonable Personna platinum 10 pack is an excellent choice to solidify your decision.

    The Personna Double edge razor blade is one of the most popular De blades on the planet, and it‚Äôs not difficult to see why. A classic, American-produced double-sided blade, this premium line from Personna is made from premium Swedish stainless steel and coated in platinum. Produced by the American Safety Razor Corporation, the creators of Personna who coincidently coined the phrase ‚Äėfive o‚Äôclock shadow‚Äô. This De razor blade is excellent for a smooth shave rather than an objectively sharp shave ‚Äď if your facial skin is a little more sensitive and you are looking for a balance between sharpness and mildness this blade is the best choice to get eliminate that five o‚Äôclock shadow.

    Feather News Hi-Stainless- The Feather New High stainless double edge razor blades hail from the ancient forges tucked away in cedar-covered valleys of the Chubu region, Japan the same region that now produces feather blades. Platinum coated for extra glide these De blades are known for legendary sharpness and exquisite edge retention akin to the samurai sword and built for those who know how to wield the sword. Amongst the sharpest and most aggressive razor blades in the world, we wouldn’t be surprised if this blade could slice through a beam of sunlight. Using a feather blade requires care, skill, and experience to get right without inflicting harm on oneself. Each blade is individually wrapped blades and the packaging contains a built-in used blade slot for proper disposal.

    Derby Extra Blue Super Stainless-¬†The ‚Äėextra‚Äô in Derby Extra blue double edge razor blades must stand for ‚Äėextra soft‚Äô. While some De blades trade on having a super-sharp, cut-your-face-just-by-looking-at-it, Wolverine-claw-level sharpness, the trade-off is sometimes the cut can be a little too good. The Derby Extra Blue razor is less about sharpness, and more focused on keeping the skin underneath in fine condition, so it is great for sensitive skin types. The stainless-steel composition will also hold up to the hardest of water and will be mightily resistant to rusting.

    Wilkinson Sword Teflon Coated- The Wilkinson Sword Teflon-coated double edge razor blade is as sharp as the bayonets that fought in the Battle of Waterloo, this double-edged blade packs over 250 years of surgical precision into one razor blade, and is for good reason these blades are world renown for shaving excellence and performance. Sharp without being overly aggressive, maintaining sharpness for up to 5 shaves depending on your facial hair type, and compatible with any standard De safety razors. These double-edged razor blades are extremely smooth and offer less irritation due to the thin coating of Teflon, which delivers extra longevity and effortless glide.  A truly remarkable blade fit for any wet shaving enthusiast who has little time or patience for nicks and cuts and razor burn. 

    Shark Super Chrome- The Shark super chrome double edge razor blade offers a wonderful smooth magnificent and comfortable shaving experience with extra longevity and effortless glide from the additional chrome coating. Each razor should deliver about 4 to 5 shaves depending on your facial hair type. The Shark super chrome razor blades are a milder blade perfect for beginners to wet shaving looking to eliminate nicks, cuts, and scrapes and for those sensitive to your skin or shaving sensitive areas.

    Blade Type: Double Edge razor
    Blade Coating: Various
    Blades per Pack: 5-10
    Origin: Planet Earth

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