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When I got started with traditional shaving, I was unsettled by the sheer number of products availablean enormous selection ranging from cheaply made, disposable products, to beautifully hand-crafted ones. Grown Man Shave was born from my own journey to find the best grooming products out there.

I consider myself immensely fortunate to have lived and traveled all over the world. A US native, I am now settled in Tokyo and have always had an eye for beauty and detail. I am passionate about gorgeous designs.

Dave of Grown Man Shave

Photo Credit: Mayumi - Shot while we were in Hakone Japan for the New Year break

I’ve written with Montblanc pens ever since I was given one as a gift when I closed my first business deal. I love their solid feel in my hand, and how the ink flows when the tip is put to paper. The craftsmanship and purpose with which they have been crafted inspire me, instill a sense of purpose in my own work.  I've recently been introduced to Japanese Fountain Pens.

Similarly, I have driven Audis ever since I could afford my first one. I adore the attention to detail with which they are manufactured. From the careful stitching of the upholstery to the subtle red interior lights at night to the satisfying and carefully engineered “thud” the door makes when you close it. No detail is too small to pay attention to.

When I took up photography, the same appreciation for impeccable and thoughtful design led me to use Leica cameras. Photography is not only about getting that final shot; there is also the pleasure and reassurance of the camera’s heft in the hand, the simplicity of its operation, the exquisitely selected materials from which it was made.

I still wear wristwatches that need to be hand-set. There is something soothing about sitting and manually setting the time on your watch, a meditative pause in the day.

In short, I’ve found that there is something intangibly and incomparably satisfying about using beautifully designed and crafted objects.

This same obsession for detail and quality, a quest for beauty and impeccable craftsmanship, have accompanied me on my journey with traditional shaving. After using badly made products, I found myself dissatisfied, yearning for the same quality I had become accustomed to in other aspects of my life.

After much seeking, I found what I was looking forbeautiful, handmade products that are a sheer joy to hold and use. They have turned my morning routine from something I used to dread into a ritual I look forward to and enjoy, a wonderful way to start my day.

And what was surprising is that unlike some of my other passions, I found that quality shaving products can be had for reasonable prices. In fact, over time, you can save a significant amount of money by selecting the right products from the start.

That’s why I created this companyso that I can share everything I’ve discovered and learned with you, and so that you, too, can get started with a satisfying morning shaving ritual.

I will not overwhelm you with choiceslife is cluttered enough as it is. Rather, like a high-end, family-owned Parisian boutique, I will curate a small selection of the best products, to suit both your budget and your needs.

I’ve done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is choose your gear and enter an unbroken continuum of satisfactionshaving traditionally, just like your ancestors.

Not sure where to begin? To help you on your journey from chore to ritual, I have put together a wet shaving getting starter guide here.

Have something to say? Want to thank me for how much more enjoyable your mornings are? Or maybe your significant other wants to tell me how much she’s loving your smooth skin... Whatever it is, get in touch!

David Powell Founder Grown Man Shave


Dave Powell - Founder, Grown Man Shave

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Our Cause

A portion of all proceeds at Grown Man Shave go to support the National Center for Children Health and Development (NCCHD) in Tokyo, Japan.   NCCHD holds a special place in our heart.

National Center for Children Health and Development's mission is to further advance the health and development of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults, as well as the health of mothers, through the delivery of first-rate clinical care, innovative research and education.  To learn more about what these donations go to support; continue reading

 National Center for Children Health and Development

You can also support NCCHD's life saving efforts by directly by donating directly.