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About Us

Grown Man Shave was born from a journey to find the best men's grooming products in the world. Based on an obsession for detail and quality, a quest for elegance and impeccable craftsmanship lead us to creating the best online store in traditional shaving.

Dissatisfied with badly made grooming products, we curated magnificent, handmade products that are a joy to use. They turn your morning routine from something you dread into a ritual you look forward to and enjoy—a wonderful way to start your day.

Our hope is to inspire you to start your day with the best grooming products available. Life is make of of simple moments and the time you spend preparing for the day should empower you to take life by the horns—celebrate your manhood!

About Grown Man Shave

Grown Man Shave has a humble yet ambitious goal. Our mission is to help you transform the daily chore of shaving into an exquisite ritual. We believe that traditional shaving can help men start their day fresh, confident and relaxed, ready to take on the world.

We’ve done all the hard work for you—selecting the best wet shaving products from around the globe. All you have to do is choose your gear and enter an unbroken continuum of satisfaction—shaving traditionally, just like our forefathers.

Not sure where to begin?

To help you on your journey from chore to ritual, we have put together a whole collection of wet shaving guides to help you. Learn about wet shaving and do a deep dive into the wonderful world of straight razors or explore our guides and articles.

Happy shaving—celebrate your manhood!

P.S. In August 2022 we launched a new initiative to give back. A portion of all proceeds at Grown Man Shave will go to support children's literacy. Knowing how to read makes people safer, healthier and more self-sufficient—yet over 750 million people are illiterate and two thirds are women and girls. Every order made on Grown Man Shave provides literacy instruction to a child.