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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, all orders are trackable, regardless of what shipping option you’ve chosen. After your order ships, you will get an email with tracking number. You can also log into your account and find your tracking number.

If you’ve placed your order before 1 PM Eastern Time, it should ship the same day. Orders within the US and Canada shipped using the default option arrive within two business days.

For international orders, the best thing would be to refer to the email with the tracking number. You can also always log into your account and see what’s happening.

Please refer to our shipping policy for more information.

Please note, due to COVID-19, carriers have suspended their SLAs and delivery may take more time than normal.  We will do our best to get your order to you as soon as possible.  Your understanding is appreciated but if you have a question or concern about your order, please reach out.

We certainly and happily do! When you check out, you’ll be able to choose the kind of shipping, and the cost will be calculated automatically.  We ship in volume so we get huge discounts on FedEx International shipping which we pass onto you.

We'll do our best to sort you out. Really. Head on over to our Return Policy and we'll take it from there.


That would be a RESOUNDING NO! We’re here to bring you the finest men’s grooming products on the planet and do everything in our power to make sure you’re happy with them. Not to sell anything of yours for a quick buck! We value your privacy as much as we value our own. Read our Privacy Policy for more details.

We’ve tried to cover as much ground as possible here but we’re still, when all’s said and done, fallible grown men, prone to committing errors like the rest of humanity. The good news is that you can always contact us, and we’ll put our best minds to the task of finding a great answer to your question. Or consult a magic 8-ball. Or whip up some lather and try to read your fortune in it. Either way, we’ll get back to you. Rest assured.

We do our best to stay on top of inventory and get items in before they run out. Sometimes, though, availability is not in our hands—all the companies we work with are relatively small and family-owned, carefully producing their products in batches. If a product is not in stock, please enter your email address on its page, and we'll notify you as soon as it's back in stock. We promise.

You made my morning glorious!  No need to thank us.  This is what we do.  If you want to share your happiness with others we would love it.  Please leave a review on one of the product pages or share our your love of Grown Man Shave with your social networks.