Safety Razors

Double edge safety razors have been around since the 19thcentury, but have fallen in popularity since the advent of modern disposable razors. In recent years, they've been making a solid comeback, and for good reason.

One blade making contact with your face is far gentler than three or even five.Having to replace only the blade rather than the whole razor means that in the long run, it’s more economical than buying packs of disposable razors all the time. It's also gentler on the planet—much less waste in landfills. And finally, you get to enjoy using a wonderfully handcrafted razor for years and years to come, one that could even become a precious family heirloom one day.

We carry a cherry-picked selection of safety razors by esteemed manufacturers Edwin Jagger, Merkur, and Feather. If you’ve never had the pleasure and privilege of using a safety razor before, don’t worry—we’ve all been there. Read our Grown Man's Guide To Wet Shaving and check out the beauties below.