Aftershave Splash

A tonic or splash is the most traditional type of aftershave, and it's the best option for men prone to cuts. That's because they are antiseptic, which means they disinfect the wound. Not only that, but they’re also so well scented they can give your cologne a run for its money.

Tonics and splashes are made with alcohol, which comes with a telltale sting, or witch hazel, which is less aggressive. Both options dutifully make sure your wound stays clear of infection.

We've curated a collection made with only the finest ingredients and fragrances. You're sure to find your signature scent in our carefully curated collection. These splashes are crafted by artisans who have been healing men's faces and making them smell movie-star handsome for generations

Whether you have a classic, contemporary, or modern sensibility, there's a splash worthy of diving into right here.