Shaving Brushes

Can you shave without a shaving brush? Sure. But can you get the most fantastic shave of your life without one? Nope.

That’s because a shaving brush gives you the most silky-smooth shave  possible. It’s a tool that whips your shaving cream into a rich, foamy lather to soften and hydrate your hair, making it easier to shave. And you can use it to apply the suds to your face, in the process, lifting the hair so they can be more easily cut by your blade.

Our selection of brushes is comprised of only the finest badger hair and synthetic brushes available. Each handpicked piece hails from heritage men’s grooming manufacturers from across the globe, such as Boker, Edwin Jagger, Taylor of Old Bond Street, and more.

You can choose between various levels of quality. Best, Super, and Silvertip quality badger hair brushes are soft and carry ample moisture—ideal for discerning shavers. We only carry the most advanced synthetic badger brushes, which are great for travelers and high-volume use. Looking for something unique? We have a range of unique handles, from woods, metals, porcelain, and resin.

If you want the ultimate shaving experience, you won’t find a better sidekick to your razor than one of our shaving brushes.

An apology to our international clients—we only ship our badger shaving brushes within the US. However, synthetic brushes ship worldwide.