Shaving Brushes

Swapping an aluminum can for a handmade brush and good quality shaving soap is a pleasure (and relief!) every man should experience. A good shaving brush not only feels lovely as it makes contact with your face. It also uses much less foam to produce a rich lather that hydrates and loosens each and every one of your whiskers, readying them for your razor of choice. As you massage your skin and distribute the lather, you’re also caring for your face by gently exfoliating the outermost layer of dead cells.

Although other hairs are also used, all our brushes are made with either Best, Super, or Silvertip badger hairs, traditionally considered the finest for the best shave. We also carry synthetic brushes, representing the best effort to recreate the qualities that make badger hairs so great in manmade fibers.

Our badger shaving brushes are made by two family-owned companies that specialize in high-end grooming products and employ craftsmen who take inestimable pride in their work: Boker, from Solingen, Germany; and Edwin Jagger, from Sheffield, England.

A well-cared for brush (see our guide on shaving brushes for more) will last for many years, and the initial investment repays itself many times over not only economically, but also in pure satisfaction, a superior shave, and a vastly gentler environmental footprint.

An apology to our international clients—we only ship our badger shaving brushes within the US. See our FAQ for more information. Synthetic brushes ship worldwide. 

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