Super Badger Shaving Brushes

A super badger hair shaving brush provides excellent lathering capabilities and luxuriously soft bristles. Still, it is a little less expensive than the highest grade of brush.

There’s not a vast difference between super and silvertip. Super badger hair is densely packed like the silvertip, but the fine hairs come from the animal’s back, which is primed for creating a velvety lather. You’ll also notice its telltale black and white band. However, sometimes super badger brushes are color-treated to bring out the contrast.

The most prestigious men’s grooming companies in the world have crafted the super badger brushes in our collection. The models we’ve chosen seriously mimic the performance of silvertip hair and are designed for several uses, from at home to on the go.

If you’re looking for quality, looks,and performance, you can’t go wrong with one of our Super badger hair shaving brushes.

An apology to our international clients—we only ship our badger shaving brushes within the US. However, synthetic brushes ship worldwide.