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Blog posts

The Beginners Guide To Straight Razors and straight razor shaving

The Beginners Guide To Straight Razors

14 min read

So where to begin? Not all straight razors bode well for beginners but there are a few things to look for when buying a new straight razor blade, especially when you are about to go the old school way.
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How often do you change your safety razor blade?

How Often Should You Change Your Safety Razor Blade?

8 min read

When you start wet shaving it can be confusing to figure out how long does a safety razor blade last, how many safety razor blades to buy, how to keep a sharp blade or how how often you need to change your safety razor blades. 
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How do you keep a safety razor blade sharp

How Do You Keep a Safety Razor Blade Sharp?

7 min read

Knowing how to keep razor blades sharp can make a huge difference to your full shaving operation. Offering sweet and satisfying shaving strokes while graciously letting you keep more of your money.
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