Boker Olive Wood Pure Badger Shaving Brush

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  • Great grip
  • Rich, even lather
  • Pure badger hairs
  • Olive wood handle
  • Fitted with polished chrome

Boker is a family-owned company based in Solingen that is delightfully uncompromising in a world that's constantly cutting corners. They began manufacturing straight razors in 1869, and we're super happy that they've taken the same meticulous dedication and turned it to the making of shaving brushes.

For the handle of this one, a piece of olive wood is selected for its grain and hand-turned by master craftsmen. Pure badger hairs are fitted inside and capped with a ring of polished chrome.

Caution: this shaving brush will make you spend a few moments in admiration before you shave.

Made in Germany

Ships within US only. Here's why.

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