Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Imitation Ivory Double Edge Safety Razor

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  • Chrome-plated collar
  • Faux-ivory handle
  • Contoured for great grip
  • Superb balance

The Chatsworth is Edwin Jagger's top-of-the-line range of safety razors. Each and every detail of this lovely shaving implement has been luxuriously machined and handworked to perfection. The razor has a reassuring heft with a low center of gravity, requiring only gentle guidance to do its work.

Comes packaged in a sturdy magnetic closing box that is fit for travel.

All Edwin Jagger premium handmade products are guaranteed for a lifetime of use.

Includes a complimentary 5 pack of Feather Hi-Stainless Japanese blades.

Weight: 2.12 ounces

Length: 4.4 inches

Made in England

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