Merkur 33C Classic Chrome Safety Razor


The Merkur 33C Classic Safety Double-Edge Safety Razor is a great little high-quality straight-cut razor that ticks off all the boxes for every kind of wet shaving enthusiast. The 33c classic safety razor produces a mild shave for daily shavers and a smooth shave at an affordable price. The Merkur 33c classic features an easy-to-grip, slimmed-down comfortable handle. Equivalent to his heftier brother the Merkur 33c classic is the lighter-weight version of the extremely popular Merkur 34C Heavy Duty with the same handle Length at 3" long.

Comparable in many ways the Merkur 33c has the same head, same length as the 34c HD but varies with a slightly narrower, shorter, and less weighty handle that allows enhanced precision and control for those sensitive areas. This lightweight razor gives the same fantastic shave as its heavier sibling and is a clear contender for one of the best DE razor for rookies, experienced shavers, and wet shaving enthusiasts alike!

Undoubtedly the 33c classic is a good razor for newcomers to wet shaving looking to develop confidence in DE shaving and for advancing their technique or experts who are looking for lightweight performance.


The 33C is a chrome-plated two-sided double-edge razor. The chrome prevents corrosion and ensures durability and shine. The head of the safety razor is manufactured using the zinc die-casting process for maximum precision around contours. For balance and weight, distribution brass is used for the handle body.


The Merkur 33c is a fan favorite of aficionados for its size, travel ability, and performance as it provides a comforting close shave without any razor burn, irritation, or nicks. Simply put its the all-rounder for classic wet shaving. Affordable, Intuitive, lightweight, efficient, and versatile.


  • Three-piece double edge safety razor design straight for easy blade changes
  • Medium aggressiveness
  • A great razor for novices and experienced wet shavers
  • Excellent for transitioning from cartridge razors to a DE razor 
  • Short and slim handle for enhanced accuracy and control
  • Durable, easy to clean, easy to use
  • Includes one Merkur blade to get started

Safety Bar: Closed Comb
Aggressiveness: Medium
Compatible with any high-quality double edge safety razor blades for DE razors

Length: 3.34 inches ( 8.5 cm)
Weight: 1.97 ounces (56 grams)
Made in Solingen, Germany

Handle material: Chrome-plated brass
Razor head material: Chrome-plated Die-casted Zinc

*The Merkur 25c works well with any standard double edge safety razor blades (DE) such as feather brand blades, Astra Blades, or Merkur replacement blades for safety razors.

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