Merkur 38C HD Black Handle Barber Pole Double Edge Safety Razor

The MERKUR 38C barber pole double edge safety razor with a long black anodized aluminum handle in the style of a barber pole design is a true classic and one of the best-selling razors produced by Merkur. Longtime aficionados likewise simply call it the Merkur Barber Pole a nod to American barber poles. 

The Merkur HD 38c is tailor-made for those who want a great razor that has a large and heavy handle for heavy-duty heft. The barber pole handle is finished in a matte black anodized aluminum finish, which gives it a contemporary and sophisticated classic design and a timeless presence. Perfect for any classic shaving enthusiast looking to add a good quality safety razor to their collection.

The Merkur heavy duty is also one of the heavier safety razors from Merkur razors (over 4.0 ounces) and it is slightly heavier in comparison to other safety razors. The longer length and brass body combined, adds maneuverability giving you the ability to move around the contours of your beard guiding the blade easily, efficiently, and accurately for a precise close and comfortable shave.


The head of the safety razor features a two-piece design (top plate and handle) to maintain blade alignment commanding little use of force while shaving which increases the stability of the blade movement and maintains blade angle. In order to ensure a balanced weight distribution for a comfortable shave, a heavyweight brass body is used in the handle for added weight and heavy-duty feel.


A safety razor with a closed comb is the all-rounder for classic wet shaving. Intuitively, you will feel the best shaving angle for your safety razor and immediately achieve ideal shaving results. The generous blade gap and blade angle allow shaving soaps to flow efficiently protecting the razor head from clogging with cut hair or lather residue.


  • Two-Piece Razor
  • Longer handle (10cm) for those with smaller hands
  • Non-slip grip barber style pole design handle
  • A mild razor less aggressive overall shave
  • Fixed blade for Less irritation and razor burn
  • Chrome-plated head protects the safety razor from rust and adding to elegance to its design
  • Works with all DE blades for double edge safety razors
  • Great balance & close shave

Merkur 38c HD Black Handle Safety razor Features:
Safety Bar- Closed Comb
Used with any standard double edge blades (DE) replacement blades

Length: 4.13 inches (10.5 cm)
Weight: 120 grams (4.23 ounces)
Made in Solingen, Germany

Handle material: Chrome plated solid brass core
Razor head material: Chrome plated finish

*Recommended pairing with standard  double edge Merkur blades or Feather blades


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