Naniwa A-206 Nagura Dressing Stone 600 Grit

The Naniwa Nagura Dressing Stone is a great addition to your Naniwa honing set.  When you hone your razors you will find your stone's surfaces become 'dirty' from the metal filings, called swarf, that are removed from the razor during the honing process.  In addition to make your stones not look their best, swarf buildup will slow the sharpening action.  It's best to hone on a clean stone.

While you could use a lapping stone to achieve a clean surface on your Naniwa Super Stone it will take off far too much material.  This is where a Dressing Stone comes in - to keep your stones looking their best between lappings.

Unlike Water Stones, you'll need to soak the your Naniwa Nagura Dressing Stone before use.  Rise both your Naniwa Super Stone and Nagura Dress Stone throughly after use to remove any residue created during the cleaning.


65mm x 47mm x 32mm
2 3/4 inches x 2 inches x 1 3/8 inches

Made in Japan


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