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I served in the military, where I had to start the day clean-shaven. On the first day of boot camp, someone hurled a cheap, disposable double-blade plastic razor at me and a can of shaving cream and told me I had about two minutes to shower and shave. It was a miserable experience and I cut myself frequently.

Years later, I walked into a barber shop in NYC and had myself a haircut. As I was paying, the receptionist looked at the irritated red skin on my neck and said, “What are you using to shave?!”  Until that moment, I assumed that was how my skin was supposed to be after shaving! She explained that I needed to take better care of myself and sold me a mediocre, non-disposable safety razor, some blades, and a lavender soap.

My first shaves weren’t very nice. I cut myself a few times. But after a while, I started getting the hang of it. But although I was getting better results, they weren’t perfect. There was still something wrong.

So I went online to few reputable men’s grooming supplies websites, hoping to find a better razor and shaving accessories. There were hundreds and hundreds of products and I had no idea what to choose. Not only that, but there were so many different kinds and brands. I felt lost. All I wanted was to get a better shave!

I ended up choosing a few things that seemed semi-reasonable but turned out to be disappointing. Then I did the same thing again, ordering other products. Eventually, through trial and error, and after spending considerable amounts of time and money, I found the ones that not only worked well but were exquisitely crafted and gorgeous to look at.  

This has completely transformed my morning. Since then, shaving has been an enjoyable part of my routine; a moment I look forward to, several precious minutes in which to slow down, think, and prepare for the day ahead.  Oh, and, of course, my neck is no longer red and doesn’t burn.

I know it’s not just me. I’ve talked to other men who are interested in wet shaving but simply have no idea where to begin. It could be the timelessness of traditional shaving, the aesthetics, avoiding disposable blades that end up in landfills, or simply being able to care for your skin properly and avoid irritation. Or maybe it’s all of them.

Whatever it is, I believe every man has the right to a well-made, keen razor; a satisfying, clean shave; a smooth face; a meditative moment in which to look himself in the mirror with pride, collect his thoughts and strength, and prepare to go out there and move things.

And that’s what brings us here, full circle.

I’ve put together an exquisite, hand-picked selection of fine grooming products, which I will continue to refine and improve, searching, testing and adding the best products for an amazing shave.  

I hope you find similar enjoyment in your morning shave as I have. If you’re not sure how to get started, please check out our wonderfully simple getting started guide, or feel free to get in touch.

Be well 

Dave, Founder, Grown Man Shave.