Straight Razor Kits & Gift Sets

Shop the best straight razor kits and straight razor sets for beginners to the expert. Our straight razor shaving sets have everything you need and want and make the perfect Grown Man gift from a shaving kit, straight edge razor kit or complete set for any type of facial. From stainless steel single edge blades, leather strops to keep the edge in place, shaving cream and shaving soap, natural or synthetic shaving brushes, and more. We have hand curated the best of the best collection of expertly curated straight razor kits for the beginner to wet shaving aficionado for you.

Looking for that classic old-school barbershop luxury shave and classic shaving experience? Or a straight razor shaving kit as a gift?  Shaving with a traditional razor sharp straight edge razor delivers the closest shave you will ever have not to mention a smooth shave bar none! Our collection of straight razor shaving sets will impress any wet shaving enthusiast. Experienced wet shavers will tell you the obsession with shaving with a straight razor or cut-throat razor is quite easily understandable. Nothing gives you a cleaner shave than shaving with a traditional straight edge razor.