Alums & Styptic Pencils

If you experience frequent nicks and cuts, an alum block and styptic pencil are two weapons you should have at the ready.

An alum block is a natural, unscented aftershave treatment. Made from mildly astringent and antiseptic minerals, it encourages healing and reduces redness. Alums come like a block of soap, and all it takes is a few swipes of your hand with water to rub it in. They last a long time, making alum blocks an excellent, low-cost option for men with all skin types.

A styptic pencil takes care of deeper cuts and more serious shaving misadventures. A highly concentrated, medicated stick, it heals stubborn lacerations quickly. But they're not for everyday use. Styptic pencils are more of a tool you keep in your drawer to get you through the messiest of shaving dilemmas.

Our alums and styptic pencils come from the most trusted names in shaving, with years of proven results. They make each from the finest natural ingredients and undergo stringent quality controls.

The result? This collection of the best post-shave safeguards on the planet. 

Muhle Styptic Pencil
Muhle Styptic Pencil $8.00
Muhle Alum Block
Muhle Alum Stone 1 review $20.00