Merkur 700 Futur Brushed Chrome Adjustable Safety Razor

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  • Solid, heavy build
  • Adjustable "aggressiveness" setting
  • Chrome-plated
  • Matte finish

The Merkur Futur has all the wonder of old-school German engineering but with a... futuristic twist. The razor's angle of attack is fully adjustable, with six settings of aggressiveness—depending on how you want to start your day.   Setting your razor to 1 exposes less skin to the blade and is best for sensitive skin and setting your razor to 6 exposes more skin for a more aggressive shave.  

Unlike your light-weight disposable razor, the Merkur Futur will shave by virtue of its weight and solidity—no need to push down, let its heft and gravity do the work for you.

Handle Length: 4 1/2 inches

Weight: 4.5 ounces

Made in Germany

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Type: Safety Razor

Manufacturer: Merkur

SKU: 70

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Michael P. Gordon
United States United States
Merkur 700 Futur

This razor is the best. I bought a Gillette adjustable razor in 1970 when I enlisted in the US Army. It served it's purpose for 48 years. I then purchased a double edge razor based on a TV ad. Big mistake. I got tired of the nicks/cuts and did some online shopping and was fortunate enough to find this quality product. The length and weight makes for a great shaving experience. No cuts and no stubble when done.

Melissa L.
United States United States
Best shave- great gift!

I bought this as a gift for my husband. Here is his review: “This provides a very close shave. I no longer have razor burn or itching. I’ve never used a safety razor before, but it didn’t take long to get the hang of it. The weight of the razor helps guide you. I would definitely purchase this again.”

United States United States
Awesome Futuristic Razor

The very fist time a saw this razor online I was very impressed with the futuristic look of it, but that was it. I heard that it was too aggressive, so my interest declined. Then, the more I learned about classic shaving, I found out that the world aggressive is pretty much misused. The better term is efficient. I thought I was going to slice my face with something like this. After reading great review about this razor, undecided to get one for myself. I was surprised how smooth this safety razor is. Yes, it is very efficient (aggressive), but that means less pases for a irritation free shave. My other concern was the handle. I thought it was going to be very slippery, bit it actually is not, even with my hands wet. The handle shape helps very much with the grip.

Grown Man Shave Merkur 700 Futur Brushed Chrome Adjustable Safety Razor Review
A Beautifully Crafted Razor

The Merkur 700 Futur is the centerpiece of my shaving kit. It’s not large, which makes it ideal for travel, but there is a reassuring heft to this safety razor. The weight of the razor is key to the gliding action that helps it produce an effortless, smooth shave. Being new to the safety razor shave, I found it thoughtful that Merkur gives me 6 levels of adjustability so that I can grow into my razor as my technique improves. Not only is it a useful instrument, it is truly a beautifully designed and crafted tool.

A desirable razor

I love German engineering and this razor is the epitome of German engineering. Very clean design and beautiful to look at and hold. I have the chrome version of this but I want to buy a second one. This razor is heavy at 4.5oz but it's bulk is what makes it a joy to shave with. The weight helps gravity to do it's job and move itself across your face. You can set the razor to be very aggressive and the weight can move it faster than you might like. 1 is the least aggressive and 6 the most aggressive. I first set it to 3 which was a little too aggressive for my first shave with it. My second shave I set it to 1 and then over the next few shaves worked my way back to 3 which is a good setting for me. Now I have the hang of this and I am getting great shaves with it. I also picked up the case for this so I can bring it with me when I travel. You won't regret buying this razor.