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Naked Armor Aglovale Synthetic Fiber Closed Comb Safety Razor Shaving Set

  • Closed comb ebony wood safety razor
  • Synthetic fiber ebony wood shaving brush
  • Organic shave soap
  • Stainless steel shaving bowl
  • Zinc-alloy razor and brush stand
  • Beautiful gifting box
  • Medium aggressiveness
  • Gillette Double Edge Blades recommended
  • Resistant to water, humidity, and other corrosive elements

Naked Armor Aglovale Synthetic Fiber Closed Comb Safety Razor Shaving Set is a complete safety razor kit for an enjoyable wet shaving experience at home. It showcases Naked Armor’s Aglovale Safety Razor with natural ebony wood handle, zinc-aluminum alloy head, and 3-piece design. Coming with an artisan wooden badger-friendly brush, organic shave soap, and stainless steel bowl, and a zinc-alloy razor stand, this kit has everything you need to achieve a barber-like shave at home.

Ebony Wood Safety Razor

Naked Armor’s Aglovale Safety Razor Ebony Wood comes with a closed-comb safety bar design for medium aggression that guarantees a non-irritating shave. It is ideal for daily shaving without the risk of razor burns, bumps, and ingrown hairs.

Instead of stainless steel, Aglovale’s razor head is made of zinc-aluminum alloy, which has better corrosion resistance and durability. It is resistant to water, humidity, and other corrosive elements, making it withstand the impact of constant use without chipping, breaking, and forming rust.

The Ebony wood handle complements the heft of Aglovale’s razor head while giving the razor an enduring classic style that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Its natural elasticity lessens the impact of daily wear and tear because it has excellent moisture resistance keeping the handle in prime condition.

This safety razor has an enduring classic style and excellent durability that you can undoubtedly use for your daily wet shaving needs. It has exceptional resistance to wear and tear, making it withstand the impact of constant use without chipping, breaking, and forming rust.

Ebony Wood Shaving Brush

Discover the real potential of your shaving soap by using this elegant shaving brush for lathering. Naked Armor’s Ebony Wood Shaving Brush has a natural ebony wood handle with excellent resistance to wear and tear and badger-friendly synthetic hair bristles that are tough and stiff.

Organic Shave Soap

Noah's Organic Shave Soap Puck is a handmade cold-pressed soap that will make your face celebrate when you lather up. Made with natural and organic ingredients, this soap will give you the best shaving experience. It Lathers up great and is priced right.

Handmade and cold-pressed, Naked Armor’s Noah’s Organic Shave Soap Puck is guaranteed to create a thick and velvety shaving lather without drying the skin. It is made from naturally sourced glycerin along with other organic essential oils that make this shave soap highly moisturizing, nourishing, and non-irritating—especially for sensitive skin.

Shaving Bowl

The stainless steel foundation of this kit’s shaving bowl has excellent resistance to corrosion. It comes in a durable and compact size, perfect for creating a thick and smooth lather for shaving while traveling.

Razor Stand

Zinc-alloy razor stand that keeps the safety razor and brush prompted upwards, enabling airflow to gently dry and remove the moisture from the razor head and brush. It is a hygienic razor storage solution that keeps your razor off the bathroom sink or counter.

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