Merkur 34c HD Classic Chrome Double Edge Safety Razor


The Merkur razor 34C heavy duty chrome double-edged razor is understandably one of the most praised safety razors from Merkur razors among wet shavers. A triple threat in respect to value, performance, and shaveability.

Known to fans under the abbreviation "HD", short for Heavy Duty, the 34c is praised by shaving aficionados for an efficient and close shave, or as a first safety razor for newcomers to wet shaving. Paired with Merkur blades or standard double edge blades the 34c delivers a consistently mild, smooth bbs shave.

One of the best and most acclaimed instruments of wet shaving for the last 80 years for the shaving experience it offers and quality of craftsmanship like no other, particularly compared to cartridge razors!


Merkursafety razors are known as perfectly weighted and balancedsafety razors. The head of thesafety razor is manufactured using the zinc die-casting process for maximum precision ofshave even for complex shapes. For a comfortable weight, distribution brass is used in the body handle finished withnonslip knurling in a diamond pattern for a flawlessgrip in anywet shaving condition. Few othersafety razors can compete with thesmooth,comfortable shave this classic delivers!


TheMerkur HDsafety razor with a closed comb head is the all-rounder for thebest shave. Paired withquality blades intuitively, you will feel the most suitableshaving angle for yoursafety razor and immediately achieve idealshaving results. The generousblade gap between the cap and the mount allowsshaving creams and soap to flow through theblade gap effortlessly free from clogging of lather residue.


  • The chrome finish protects the razor from corrosion and underlines the high-quality design.
  • The straight cutting angle provides an efficient, close and comfortable shave
  • Perfect first razor for beginners
  • Two-Piece design for easy loading with a slim profile head for a lesser aggressive shave
  • Great for sensitive skin, avoiding razor burn and less irritation
  • Thicker handle grip with non-slip knurling
  • Uses standard double edge blades
  • Short handle for detail work


Safety Bar: Closed Comb
Aggressiveness: Medium
Used with any standard DE blades


Length: 3.03 inches (77mm)
Weight: 2.82 ounces (80g)
Made in Solingen, Germany


Handle material: Chrome-plated brass
Razor head material: Chrome-plated Die-casted Zinc

*The Merkur 34c heavy-duty safety razor works well with any standard double edge razor blades such as Astra blades or Merkur replacement blades or a Feather blade for additional aggressiveness.

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