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Naniwa S1-480 Super Stone Japanese Water Stone 8000 Grit

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The amazing Naniwa S1-480 Super Stone Water Stone 8000 Grit from Japan. The S1 series are synthetic water stones that don’t require pre-soaking, they are what is known as 'splash and go' stones. You simply need to spray a little water on the surface before you start honing.  8-10 round trips across the stone will have your razor ready to shave again.


210mm x 70mm x 10mm 
8.26 inches x 2.75 inches x .39 inches


Naniwa Super Stones are easy to use and clean.  These are the most popular stones for honing straight razors based on the consistent results you can get from them.

We carry Naniwa S1 Super Stones in the following grits:

  • 1000 Grit - Blue - you use this stone to set the bevel of your razor.  You only need to set your bevel once. 

  • 5000 Grit - Light Blue - a great start for your honing regiment.  You can also use this stone to set your bevel but will take a bit longer than the 1000 grit. 

  • 8000 Grit - Yellow - this will be your workhorse where you will do most of your work.   

  • 12000 Grit - White - this is the highest grit stone available.  This will be your finishing stone to put a mirror finish on your edge. 

The lower the grit the more metal will be removed during honing.  Ideally you should start with the 5000 to 'finish' your razor and then use 8000 and 12000 to put the final mirror image on your razor's edge called 'super finishing'.

You'll want to use a Naniwa Stone Holder A-902 to hold your stone in place securely while honing. 

You need to flatten your stones with the before your initial use and once in a while for maintenance using the Naniwa A-102 Flattening Stone 220 Grit.   You can use a Naniwa A-206 Nagura Dressing Stone 600 Grit to remove metal filings, called swarf, that build up on the stones during the honing process. 

Lastly you'll want to store your stones safely to avoid mistakenly chipping them between honing.  We carry the Naniwa Plastic Holder PTC-01 just for this purpose. 

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