Feather AS-D2 Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor


The Feather AS-D2 stainless steel double edge razor is the ultra premium shaving tool. Also known as the Seki Edge the AS-D2 safety razor is in a class within itself in terms of performance, durability and shaveability. The Feather stainless steel double edge razor AS d2 delivers a very close comfortable and smooth shave for those with sensitive skin who are looking for shave effeciency within the first pass.

Mild shavers will adore this beautiful razor which makes the as-d2 the perfect addition to any shaving arsenal. The best of the best, the elite of Japanese artisan-style delivered in all 316L “marine grade” or “surgical” grade stainless steel built with Japanese manufacturing tolerances and precision. Simply the pinnacle of the wet shaving experience for the closest shave imaginable.

The Feather Safety Razor Company of Seki, Japan founded in 1932, the maker of the Feather AS-D2 is world renown by wet shavers for their legendary innovation in razor blades (feather blade) de safety razors and quality shaving products was the first to fabricate safety razors from pure stainless steel. Seki, a small town in Gifu-Prefecture located in the center of Japan is celebrated worldwide for generations of Samurai swords, fine knives, and stainless steel much like Solingen, Germany is known for its stainless steel and world renowned straight razors, de razors, and blades.

The feather stainless steel double edge safety razor as d2 de safety razor combines perfect balance, design and performance with an elegant satin finish. The handle has a diamond-patterned knurled design for infallible grip and the right length for an extremely smooth, comfortable, and close shave. Balanced and accurate the feather AS-D2 double Edge razor isn't in no way an aggressive razor more on the mild side. The blade gap and shaving angle classifies the AS-D2 as a mild razor suitable for afficionados and beginners, rivaling the closest shave of straight razors.

The Feather razor blade is made from the same tradition of uncompromising excellence in Japanese craftsmanship and is the perfect companion to the as-d2. For the best shave a closer shave and a more comfortable shave we highly recommend pairing the Feather AS-D2 double edge safety razor with a sharp blade such as feather blades or a Kai blade for a BBS shave (baby butt smooth) every time! For an upgrade from the feather as d2 we recommend the as d2s with matching stand.


  • Japanese safety razor artisan design with a beautiful satin finish
  • A mild safety razor a very close shave and comfortable razor suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Knurled diamond-patterned handle for steady control and grip
  • Three-piece razor design
  • Balanced head and handle provide an effortless razor glide over the skin
  • Blade gap is. 029 inches (0.73 mm)
  • A great razor for the beginner and experienced wet shavers
  • Compatible with any standard double edge safety razor blades 
  • Includes one pack of 5 high stainless feather blades
  • Packaged in a beautiful crimson gift box

Safety Bar- Closed Comb
Used with any standard feather blades or DE razor baldes

Length: 3.9 inches
Weight: 3.17 ounces
Made in Seki, Japan

Handle material: Stainless Steel
Razor head material: Stainless Steel

*Included Complimentary Pack 5pcs Feather Hi-Stainless Japanese DE razor blades


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