Boker Accessories

Boker's straight razors, made in Solingen, Germany since 1869 to last for generations, are a wonder of human ingenuity and an inspiration to own and use. The same degree of uncompromising care also goes into all of Boker's shaving accessories.

From the choice of wood to the hand-selected silvertip badger fibers, Boker's uncompromising dedication and German engineering expertise are manifest in every single one of their products.

Boker One-Week Box
Boker One-Week Box 2 reviews $164.96
Boker Strop Top Finish
Boker Strop Top Finish $113.40
Boker Spanner Strop
Boker Spanner Strop $87.60
Boker Hanging Strop
Boker Hanging Strop 1 review $82.46