Captain Fawcett Gentleman's Grooming Products

Captain fawcett grooming products

It would seem that legend of the disappearance of a legendary trunk over a century ago of a man named Captain Peabody Fawcett R.N Ret'd, a gentleman with a stiff upper lip passed on through generations of bedtime stories of his seemingly doomed expedition and mysterious old battered trunk once lost is now found. Inside was an exquisitely handcrafted dressing-case exhibiting the sign of a man of adventure, status, and wealth contained Captain Fawcett's treasures and personal effects revealing Captain Fawcett's emporium of booze and baccy, shaving creams and soaps, liniments, essential oils, exotic parfums from the far east, tonics of vitamin e, beard oil, beard balms, and malt whisky moustache wax amidst the lost journals of adventures on the Ubangi River, in the  Congo river.

It is often said when we look at men's shaving products today "Man, they sure don't make stuff as good as they used to." Captain Fawcett's delightful assortment of gentleman's grooming products for the discerning gentleman brings back the accouterments of then to the present. The brand story of Captain Fawcett's gentleman's grooming products and shaving product line resurrects this sophisticated forgotten era of classic grooming in men. Everything the contemporary dapper man needs from world-renowned moustache wax, beard oils, shaving, face and skin upkeep, styling, and alchemy to deliver everything you need to keep looking your best all year round.