Damascus Steel Straight Razors

Damascus is the steel of legend. Incredibly sharp and light, it was forged into one of the most sought-after swords from the Greek Empire to the Crusades. Its memory had faded in time until the 1980s when it was rediscovered by modern day metallurgists.The Damascus steel blades available today are made by welding two different steels into intricate folded layers and forging a sharp blade. 

Each of the blades we offer are forged and assembled by straight razor artisans from the world’s most influential straight razor companies, Boker and Thiers Issard. These two storied houses have Damascus straight razors sizes and shapes, for every shaver and styles for only the most refined of tastes. 

Whether you’re looking for a precision shaving instrument, a beautiful keepsake, or a gift, our Damascus steel straight razors stand out from the crowd.