D.R. Harris & Co Chemists and Perfumers

D.R. Harris Chemists and Perfumers

If you're looking for aftershaves, colognes, shaving creams, and soaps good enough for royalty, ask D.R. Harris, the oldest apothecary in London. Established (and still located) at No. 11 St. James Street in 1790, it delighted the gentry and the court with unique fragrances and curative scents for generations. In 1938, D. R. Harris & Co was awarded the warrant as a chemist to her Majesty the Queen, the first of several royal contracts and honors that continue well into the 21st century. But, it's about way more than prestige; the polished scents of the high-born come with a focus on the future. D.R. Harris & Co. is committed to animal cruelty-free products and sustainable business practices.