Pre-Shave Gels, Lotions & Oils

Pre-shave treatments help prevent poor shaving experiences at the root. Rubbing in a few drops before shaving reduces redness and soreness, especially handy if your skin gets irritated or cut from shaving (no matter the razor).

While shave creams usedduring shaving soften the tips of your hair, pre-shave creams penetrate more deeply. They reach the root, where the hair is thicker and closer to the blade. The more relaxed the hair is at this critical point, the less tug and pull you feel on your razor,andthe less likely you are to see bruises staring back at you in the bathroom mirror.

We only choose pre-shave gels, lotions & oils from the world's most prestigious grooming experts. Made from natural ingredients and time-tested formulations, our options are created for men with all skin types.

Men with oily skin can choose from various gels and lotions, which are lighter and made with water. Those with dry skin should turn their attention to pre-shave oils formulated to deliver nourishing moisture. 

Each come with their own unique scent and formulation, so be sure to read each product description to find just the right fit for your skin and hair type.