Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Explore our expertly curated selection of the very finest double-edge safety razor blades from around the world made with the highest manufacturing standards and the finest materials available. DE safety razor blades are the hardest working element when wet shaving with de razors and are essential to a close and comfortable shave. The key to a great shave and choosing a double-edge razor blade is unique as you are. Do you have sensitive skin? Facial hair type, coarse hair, or thin? shaving sensitive areas or a stubborn beard? Prone to irritation, nicks and cuts, razor burn, and ingrown hairs? How aggressive is your safety razor?


The best double-edge razor blades aren't the sharpest blades. The perfect razor blade is highly personal, it's not just the quality of the de safety razor blade but also that of the synergy of technique, skin types, and shaving products that results in a baby butt smooth shave. Simply a great blade is the right blade that works best for you in concert with the blade gap of your De razor, aggressiveness, and your skin type. Each brand of high-quality blades is known for unique characteristics, different sharpness, coating for glide, and durability levels. Aficionados of wet shaving find it best to experiment until you find a favorite. If you are new to wet shaving start with a sampler pack, looking for cost shavings and a great value? We strive to take the pain out of shaving with an old blade so stock up and save on our bulk packs of 100-200 double-edge razors for a year's worth or explore our sample packs with the most popular brands available.