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Rex Supply Co. Safety Razors

Rex supply co. stainless steel DE safety razors

The Rex Supply Co. premium collection of double-edge safety razors is a vintage-inspired line of American-made shaving instruments rekindling the art and tradition of wet shaving. Check out this quick review of Rex Ambassador safety razors.

Produced from the finest materials and old-world craftsmanship for contemporary men or women.Built with a passion for quality and maximum durability that transports you back to a simpler time of pride in workmanship met with modern innovation.

Each Rex Supply Co. DE safety razor is fully compatible with any double-edge blade, artisanally crafted in small batches. Each razor comes with a certificate of provenance via a manufacturing code number following the Gillette date code system, something most other manufacturers stopped doing ages ago.

Rex  Ambassador

Assembled, designed, and manufactured in the USA, the Rex Supply Co is best known for their most popular marine grade stainless steel adjustable double edge safety razor the "Rex Ambassador stainless steel de safety razor" with an infinitely adjustable integrated dial that gives you complete command of the best possible blade exposure for a mild or aggressive shave, reducing skin irritations commonly found with multi-blade razors.

A truly dialed-in, fully customizable shaving experience made for wet shaving enthusiasts! The exquisitely balanced and perfectly weighted deeply knurled handle provides maximum grip for ultimate control and delivers comfort and precision every time you shave. Each Rex supply double safety razor when properly cared for will provide a consistently perfect shaving experience and last you a lifetime as any artisanal product should.