Straight Razors

Celebrate the spirit of independence with exceptional traditional straight razors from renowned industry leaders like Thiers Issard, Boker, and Dovo. Crafted with high-quality materials, these razors provide a gentle touch & close shave on all skin types.

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Safety Razors

Explore the finest selection of safety razors from industry leaders like Henson, Muhle, and more, during our exclusive 4th of July Sale! Each razor is meticulously crafted with the highest quality standards, ensuring a personalized and comfortable shave.

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Shaving Accessories

Transform your daily ritual into a celebration of craftsmanship and independence with a range of artisan shaving soaps, scuttles, bowls, honing stones, aftershaves, and other traditional wet shaving accessories for a barber-like shave at home.

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Celebrate Independence Day with a FREE Naked Armor Stainless Steel Beard Scissor automatically added to your cart for orders above $100.


Barber-grade sharpness for precise styling, trimming, and cutting all hair & beard types.


High-quality stainless steel shears with long-lasting durability even with daily use.

Böker The Celebrated Extra Hollow Ebony

"Really well-made straight razor from Germany. It holds a keen, comfortable edge to shave with."

~ Edmar L.

Smells like Juicy Fruit bubblegum

"The Omnibus base is unmatched on the market currently and I can’t say enough good things about the cushion it provides!"

~ Timothy L.

Very Happy

"I really love this razor. Grip and control is excellent and to my surprise I felt like I was getting much more “feedback” as I shaved compared to my previous heavy handled model."

~ William K.

Very Nice Kit

"I must admit felt nice using a straight razor to shave with. If you are thinking of taking the plunge and try a straight razor shave, I'd say do it. "

~ James C.

Love it!

"Second purchase of this, limited run, I wanted to be sure I had enough!"

~ Bob M.