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Protects against razor burn with nourishing natural extracts leaving skin smooth and refreshed.


Elevate your grooming routine to new heights with straight razors from iconic brands such as Thiers Issard, Dovo, and Boker, renowned for their rich history in creating the sharpest & most durable straight razors, embodying your strength and determination with every stroke. Get one at 10% OFF this Labor Day and get a FREE Shave Cream for orders over $100.

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I’m very happy with this amazing razor.

"I’ve used this razor twice so far, the first shave out of the box was not as good as the second shave which came after honing it on a 12k stone. The razor scales are darker in real life which looks even better in my opinion..."

~ David R.


"Elegant, simple, functional, small footprint, reusable, has heft & doesn't rust. The rubber stopper fits well, has a large opening & pads the base. Buy it. You won't regret it."

~ Seth T.

Looks like a more expensive razor.

"Everybody knows how wonderful the Edwin Jagger DE89 is for shaving. But apart from being a great shaving tool, I'd like mention how remarkable is its craftsmanship. This safety razor looks like a more expensive razor. I am very happy with my purchase..."

~ Felipe C.

Nice Stone

"Of course coticules are a challenge to learn to sharpen on. As one gentleman said, "They (coticules) can be humbling", with that being said this is a fine specimen and a pleasure to sharpen with. The edge it gives to a razor leaves it with a comfortable and close shave."

~ Bob M.

Versatile Quality in a bottle

"Versatile stands out when describing this product. Not only a wonderful pre-shave oil, but I use it as a post shave oil as well. Used as a moisturizer, you can’t beat it for the face and body!"

~ David C.

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