Dovo Bergischer Lowe Buffalo Horn Handle Straight Razor, Full Hollow Ground Carbon Steel Blade 5/8 Inches

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  • Carbon steel
  • Full hollow-ground
  • Buffalo horn handle
  • Spanish point
  • "Bergischer Lowe" gold-etched on blade

Dovo, a family-owned business, was founded in Solingen in the beginning of the 20th century and has been producing straight razors since a time when no one even knew what the word "disposable" meant.

Technology may have chugged along since then at a mind-boggling pace. This straight razor, though, hot-forged in Solingen and bearing the German government's seal to prove that even the materials used in its making were sourced locally, is timeless.

This blade will elevate the process of shaving from a task to a form of art and source of satisfaction. 

Blade: 5/8 inches

Made in Germany

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