Merkur 39C "Sledgehammer" Slant Bar Chrome Barber Pole Double Edge Safety Razor

The Merkur 39c slant bar double edge safety razor known by its nickname the "sledgehammer" is unlike any other traditional wet shaving razor your grandfather had!

The big brother to the 37c is separated only by the handle that is shorter and a bit lighter in the hand. Simply put the Merkur 39c slant isn't a safety razor for the faint of heart. Featuring a more aggressive slant bar construction which gives the razor a feel similar to a straight razor. This razor has a slant of 90 degrees and offers an aggressive shave, a smooth shave, suited for experienced wet shavers who want the best of both shaving worlds. A straight razor shave with a double edge razor.

The Merkur HD is larger, thicker, and weighty with an overall length of 4 inches. One of the most extraordinary safety razors on the market. Made from the highest quality craftsmanship that you come to expect from Merkur razors. The Merkur 39c when used properly delivers an extremely fine shave and the closest shave that can be matched by none other.


The Merkur 39c slant sledgehammer barber pole safety razor will last for a lifetime! The head of the safety razor is produced using a zinc die-casting process creating a DE razor with maximum precision even for intricate contours. The slanted shaving head may sound like a manufacturing fault but is absolutely designed for slicing coarse hair when shaving. The slanted head design and the angle of the blade makes it much more effective at cutting hairs, feeling more like a beard mower effortlessly cutting through thick stubble and facial hair. For weight distribution and balance, the long handle is built with a brass body. The chrome finish protects the razor from corrosion and underlines the high-quality design.


The Merkur 2-piece double edge safety razor design with slanted blade guard is characterized by the comb and top plate that are twisted against each other along the longitudinal axis. The slant bar construction, therefore, is very rigid providing a sharper shaving angle which gives it a more aggressive shave and a close shave. Used with focus and attention, you will achieve extraordinary shaving results.


  • Chrome finish and angled cutting angle provides an efficient, close and comfortable shave
  •  The large blade gap of the closed head allows good lather flow and resists clogging 
  • The closest shave without multi-blade skin irritation
  • Durable, easy to clean, and easy to use
  • Perfect for the wet shaving extremist and enthusiast
  • An aggressive razor for an efficient close shave
  • Thick grip with a non-slip Barber pole knurled handle
  • Heavyweight distribution and a precision balance point
  • Durable 2-Piece Design razor blade head

Merkur 34c HD Double Edge Safety Razor Features:
Safety Bar- Closed Comb
Aggressiveness- Medium-Aggressive
Compatible with any high quality blades for standard DE razors

Length: 4.13 inches ( 10.5 cm)
Weight: 4.23 ounces (120 grams)
Made in Solingen, Germany

Handle material: Chrome-plated brass
Razor head material: Chrome-plated Die-casted Zinc

*The Merkur razor works  well with any standard DE razor blades such as Feather blades or Merkur replacement blades

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