MÜHLE Companion Unisex Safety Razor

Hook Color

The mühle companion safety razor with a stone-colored cord is the first razor designed with the needs of all users in mind, regardless of gender. The details of the patented razor head give the razor a very smooth finish and smooth yet gentle shave while significantly reducing the risk of cuts when shaving sensitive areas of the body. 

A special design feature is a slightly longer handle. This means that the razor lies particularly well in the hand and is ideal for all body parts (shaving legs, intimate areas, body shaving, armpits, and chest). Minimal blade exposure to allow for a gentle and effortless shave, significantly reducing the likelihood of getting nicks and cuts

A cord made of pure cotton is attached to the end of the handle of the Muhle Companion and in this way, you can hang up the razor and always have easy access to it. 

Developed for people on the lookout for a genuine unisex product, without compromise – also in terms of sustainability and zero-waste. Pure, durable materials combined with a contemporary yet timeless design that caters to everyone’s needs. Shaving has never been such a blissful experience as with your new companion.


  • Closed Comb
  • Gentle adjusted blade angle for greater protection and a gentle shave
  • Customizable and personal
  • Suitable for use on the body and face
  • Slightly longer handle
  • A replaceable cord loop for hanging the razor in the shower or anywhere
  • The best alternative to disposable and cartridge razors
  • Textured fingerprint design on the handle provides added grip
  • The companion features rails on both sides of the top plate enabling more distance between the blade and the skin, reducing the risk of nicks or scratches while shaving
  • Head features protective flaps
  • Mild shave, making it the ideal razor for beginners 

Safety Bar- Closed Comb
Used with any High-Quality double edge safety razor (DE blades)

Length: 4.41 inches (112mm)
Weight: 2.2 ounces (62 grams)
Made in Stutzengrun, Germany

Handle material: Metal satin chrome finish
Razor head material: Metal satin chrome finish

*The Muhle companion unisex razor works well with any standard double edge razor blades such as Astra Blades, Feather blades, or Merkur replacement blades for safety razors

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