MÜHLE R41GS Grande Safety Razor Stainless Steel


The Muhle r41gs grande stainless steel double edge safety razor open comb is built with incomparable quality and longevity. A trully elegant and timeless razor! This Extremely long-lasting, high-quality safety razor is corrosion-resistant and gives you a distinctly close shave offering top-notch shaving developed specifically for wet shaving aficionados and experienced wet shavers. A premium product that produces a distinctly close and lasting shave every time.

Unlike modern blade systems, the Muhle r41gs traditional grande stainless steel safety razor open comb foregoes plastic mechanisms. Growing concern about the effects of disposable plastic makes the R41GS a great choice for the environmentally conscious, reducing both plastic waste and unwelcome environmental impacts, without compromising on precision.

The Mule r41 Grande stainless steel safety razor open comb aggressiveness is aggressive in nature for maximum efficiency after the first pass. The r41 Grande's open tooth comb classic chrome head was designed specifically for experienced wet shavers, allowing for a vigorous, direct shaving technique. The blade is less likely to become clogged by stubble and residues so is generally preferred by men with denser, stronger beard growth.

Blades are easily replaced by unscrewing the head of the Safety Razor. We recommend for replacement blades the rust-proof Muhle DE razor blades, a perfect match for this timeless blade which can be purchased here.


  • Three-piece safety razor design
  • No Plastic Mechanisms
  • Extremely long-lasting and corrosion-resistant
  • Recommended for stronger beard growth and stubble
  • Open tooth comb safety razor
  • Chrome accents in the handle and head
  • Textured handle for a comfortable grip
  • Superb balance & lasting shave

Safety Bar- Open Comb
Used with any High-Quality double edge safety razor (DE blades)

Length: 4.16 inches (105mm)
Weight: 3.98 ounces (112 grams)
Made in Stutzengrun, Germany

Handle material: Stainless Steel
Razor head material: Stainless Steel

*An enlarged version of the classic R41, the R41GS will be generally preferred by those who prefer a slightly heavier model with a larger gripping handle.


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