Parker Adjustable Injector Razor

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Multiple blades do not mean a close shave. The more blades used, the more irritation imposed on the skin. Parker’s Adjustable Injector Razor, made from stainless steel and with ridged plastic grip, is a precision shaving device specifically designed to guarantee a smooth and irritation-free shave.

Only compatible with a single blade, it protects your post-shave skin from nasty ingrown hairs and razor bumps by cutting the hair directly at the surface.

Parker’s unique adjustable design makes it easy to customize the blade angle for your preferred shave. Simply turn the knob at the bottom of the razor and choose from levels 1 to 5, with 1 being the mildest and 5 being the most aggressive.

Like other injector razors, Parker’s has a simple blade loading system with an injector or blade holder, a blade loader or sliding tab, and a stem (insert key) or the part that goes into the razor to load the blade.

*Comes loaded with one Parker Injector Blade—please use caution when unboxing. You can also get more Parker Injector Blades here.*

How to Load the Blade

  1. Hold the razor by the handle head up with one hand; insert the “insert key” in the razor’s slot opening with your other hand using mild force.
  2. Slide the blade loader forward and insert a new blade into the razor, which will push the old blade out of the razor.
  3. Pull out the injector from the razor after inserting the new blade.
  4. Discard the old blade in the used blade section at the bottom of the blade case.
  5. Ensure the new blade at the center resting against the two small blades stops. If not, the razor will not work correctly.
  6. Adjust the knob at a lower setting, and start shaving using a shallow angle with minimal pressure.

Shaving Tips

For the best shave experience, follow these basic tips:

  1. Make time for skin prep - it would be best to shave after a hot shower to soften the skin and hair.
  2. Opt for quality shave soaps or creams - perfect for moisturizing and protecting your skin from the blade for minor irritation. Don’t forget to use a shave brush to lift the facial hair and evenly dispense the lather.
  3. Trust your razor – shave with mild pressure only using our injector razor to avoid nicks and cuts; keep your angle at 10-15 degrees with the top of the head laying flat against your skin as you shave with the grain (for sensitive skin), and against the grain on your second pass, with a fresh lather applied for extra protection.

**The average use of blade is 3 to 7+ uses.

Once tugging and roughness are felt, it is time to change the blade.


  • Weight: 1.24 oz.
  • Length: 4.96 in.

To perfect your shave, start using the Parker Adjustable Injector Razor.

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