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When it comes to grooming excellence, Henson Shaving Razors are the best of the best razors,with the AL13 earning its stripes as the charismatic conqueror of shaving irritations. It is like the James Bond of double-edge razors–smooth, sophisticated, and ready to tackle any shaving challenge. No wonder folks eagerly await the latest Henson Shaving review, especially when it's all about the praised AL13.

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    Why Shave with the Henson AL13 Double-Edged Safety Razor

    Why Shave With The Henson AL13 Double-Edged Safety Razor?

    The answer lies in the razor's meticulous design. This Henson razor has aerospace-grade aluminum construction that whispers luxury, while the closed comb head delivers an incredibly mild shave. This isn't just great for sensitive skin; it's a revelation for anyone tired of razor burns and nicks.

    As Henson prioritizes zero irritation, the AL13 is a haven for even the most temperamental facial hair. But gentle doesn't equate to ineffective. The razor's precision engineering and innovative minimal blade exposure ensure a closer and smoother shave than modern-style multi-blade razors.

    Wet-Shaving Quality And Shave-ability

    The secret sauce lies in the AL13's closed comb head. The AL13 holds the blade like a protective sheath, ensuring optimal blade angle and a close, comfortable shave. The razor's weight, balance, and head design feel like an extension of your hand, allowing you to navigate contours and tricky spots with pinpoint accuracy.

    Aggressiveness: 2 Blade Styles

    Henson offers the AL13 in two blade gaps: mild and medium. The mild razor is a gentle giant, perfect for the uninitiated or those with delicate skin. It coaxes whiskers away without drama, making it a morning ritual you can look forward to. The medium razor, on the other hand, ups the ante slightly, tackling thicker stubble with aplomb while prioritizing comfort.

    Blade Exposure

    Blade Exposure

    The beauty of the AL13's gap options lies in its versatility, offering a shaving experience unlike any other. The mild's smaller gap exposes less blade, delivering a forgiving shave with minimal bite. The medium gap reveals a bit more edge, offering a closer shave without sacrificing comfort. It's like having two razors in one, catering to your mood and beard's demands.

    Blade Longevity & Replacement

    Double-edged blades are the workhorses of the wet-shaving world, lasting significantly longer than their cartridge counterparts. The AL13's secure blade clamping system extends its lifespan by minimizing the blade chatter and vibration of the blade while shaving. You'll sing the blade economy praises every time you skip a cartridge pack.

    Henson Grip Dynamics

    The AL13's knurled handle is a masterclass in ergonomics, providing a secure, grippy surface even when hands are slick with lather. Its textured bumps dance across your fingers, offering reassuring control without being harsh. Shaving becomes a confident tango, not a clumsy stumble.



    The handle's length and weight perfectly balance maneuverability and control. The Henson AL13 is neither too short to feel stubby nor too long to feel unwieldy. Whether you're tackling sideburns or necklines, this Henson Shaving review is a testament that the AL13 feels like a natural extension of your hand, guiding you towards a flawless finish.

    Weight & Balance

    The AL13 is a lightweight champion. As an aluminum razor, the AL13's aerospace-grade aluminum construction keeps it nimble and responsive, perfect for those who prefer a light touch. Even the most intricate maneuvers feel effortless, allowing you to dance across your face with shaving grace.


    You pay a bit more upfront with the AL13, but you reap the reward of super cheap blades, which are 20 times cheaper than cartridge refills. Its initial investment pales in comparison to the long-term savings on blades. Think of it as an investment in shaving nirvana, with every smooth stroke paying dividends.


    The AL13 isn't just functional, it's a minimalist masterpiece, just like many Henson razors. Its sleek curves and understated elegance are a testament to its engineering prowess. Available in five chic finishes:

    1. Aircraft Aluminum
    2. Jet Black
    3. Steel Blue
    4. Copper
    5. Tan

    Explore the Henson collection and colors.



    Simplicity reigns supreme here. The precisely machined three-piece design allows for easy disassembly and cleaning. Just rinse, dry, and store–no fancy rituals or maintenance nightmares. Your AL13 will be there for the long haul, ready to face your beard with unwavering precision.

    Who Should Use The Henson AL13 Safety Razor?

    The Henson AL13's mild to mediumblade exposure is a great razor for beginners with finer hair and sensitive skin. Its ultra-tight closed-comb razor head can guarantee up to 0% shaving irritation at every angle because the comb shields your skin flawlessly, minimizing blade contact.

    Who Should Avoid Using The Henson AL13 Safety Razor?

    If you're a die-hard fan of cartridge razors who enjoys the convenience of disposables, the AL13 might require a slight learning curve. However, the rewards are plentiful for those willing to embrace the mindful ritual of wet shaving. With a little practice, you'll be wielding the AL13 like a shaving samurai, slicing through stubble with the confidence of a seasoned pro and a shave as good as a straight razor shave.

    Other Brands Of Safety Razors Similar To The Henson AL13

    While the Henson AL13 excels in many ways as a good razor, Grown Man Shave offers other fantastic safety razors, each with unique strengths. Here are three other razors considering your taste for the AL13:

    Edwin Jagger DE89

    Similarity: Like the AL13, the DE89 is mild and ideal for beginners or those with sensitive skin. It also sports a closed comb head for comfort and a three-piece design for easy cleaning.

    Difference: The DE89 packs a bit more weight than the AL13, which some prefer for enhanced control. Its slightly larger blade gap might deliver a closer shave.

    Overall: The DE89 is a classic safety razor perfect for a comfortable, close shave.

    Merkur 34C

    Similarity: The Merkur 34C boasts a closed comb head and a three-piece design like the AL13. Plus, it's adjustable, letting you personalize the blade gap for your ideal shave.

    Difference: Unlike the AL13 and DE89, the Merkur 34C leans towards a less mild experience. Its adjustable gap allows customization, but higher settings can be more aggressive. It's also a tad heavier than the AL13.

    Overall: The Merkur 34C caters to those seeking a customizable shave journey.

    Rockwell 6S

    Similarity: The Rockwell 6S shines with its impressive adjustability, featuring six distinct blade gap settings. This makes it ideal for discovering your perfect shave, regardless of skin type or beard thickness.

    Difference: The 6S holds the top spot in price amongst these recommendations. It also possesses the most significant weight, which might not suit everyone's taste.

    Overall: The 6S caters to those who crave ultimate customization, offering a potentially lifelong shaving companion.

    Remember, your perfect razor comes down to personal preference and comfort. Consider trying out a few different options to find your ideal match. Grown Man Shave's diverse safety razor selection provides ample opportunity for you to discover your shaving bliss!

    Is The Henson AL13 Safety Razor One Of The Best Safety Razors Made?

    The answer is a resounding maybe. The AL13 undeniably delivers the best shave for both men and women, but its ideal user depends on individual preferences. For those seeking a lightweight, gentle giant, the AL13 is the best safety razor. However, those who prefer heavier razors or more adjustability might find their perfect match elsewhere.

    Ultimately, the Henson AL13 Safety Razoris an invitation to rediscover the art of shaving. It's a precision tool for those who appreciate control, craftsmanship, and a damn smooth shave. So, ditch the plastic chorus and join the single-blade symphony–the AL13 might just be the conductor you've been waiting for.

    See the full Henson Safety Razor Collection and pick your favorite.

    Happy shaving!