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Henson Shaving Safety Razors & Blades

Henson Shaving

The Henson shaving safety razor eliminates shaving irritation and cuts while also making your skin feel comfortable and smooth. With a Henson shaving mild razor or medium aluminum razor, there is zero learning curve, and it is assumably one of the best shaves you will ever have at a great price—ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Its brand name honors William Henson, who patented the T-shaped (or hoe-shaped) first de razor in 1847. The razor is fabricated using AS9100 aerospace standards, the same processes used to create low-earth orbit satellites, the Mars Rover, and the International Space Station.

The accurate blade sits straight, and exposure and angle are combined with the innovative head design, making it a great product. A higher aggression blade gap makes the Henson shaving Al13 razor a wet shaving experience, unlike other de-safety razors, consistently offering a close shave every time.

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