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Henson Shaving Safety Razors & Blades

Henson Shaving

The Henson shaving safety razor ends shaving irritation and cuts with less blade exposure. Their innovative precision machined safety razor design features a consistent blade gap, and less blade exposure means less chatter and less irritation—making your skin feel comfortable, allowing for a smoother shave.

With a Henson shaving razor mild razor or medium aluminumrazor, there is zero learning curve, and assumably one of the best shaves you will ever have. If you haven't seen this video yet, check it out to discover why these razors are one of our best-selling safety razors.

Henson Shaving Review

We reviewed the Henson A13 and found that this safety razor is an excellent choice for anyone looking to start with a safety razor. However, if you would like a quick hit, this is what our customer Andy said after using the razor for 3 months:

I wanted to see all the hype with the Henson razor, and I thought the gray color was a nice touch, so I went for it. I'm still new to wet shaving, but I found this razor super easy to adjust. It's very lightweight, but that hasn't been an issue. ~ Andy, GMS Customer

Henson Shaving: Unique Design 

Its brand name honors William Henson, who patented the first T-shaped (or hoe-shaped) DE razor in 1847. Fabricated using AS9100 aerospace standards, the same aerospace processes are used to create low earth orbit satellites, the Mars Rover, and the International Space Station.

The accurate blade exposure and angle combined with innovative head design and higher aggression blade gap make the Henson shaving Al13 razor a wet shaving experience, unlike other DE safety razors, consistently offering a cost-effective close shave every time.

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